Selectable at Spawn Yes
Rate of Fire N/A
Effective Range Short-Medium
Reload Time N/A
Magazine Size 100
Starting Ammo 100
Maximum Ammo 100
Ammo Regeneration 10 per second

Miner GunEdit

The Miner Gun is a weapon that is used to place blocks, destroy them and includes a blaster. The blaster is a little more powerful than a grenade but it primarily intended for use similar to a rocket launcher. the blast can immediately kill an opposing player upon direct hit and even kill the user if the user has no shields when using it to blast them to really high places. The laser used to destroy blocks can kill an opposing player but it is so unconventional, its nearly useless. The Miner Gun is useless placing blocks if the "Air" block is locked. If the map supports weapon spawns. it may be obtained this way.

See AlsoEdit

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