AKA Murder Miners 2. It's now in development! We’re using Unreal Engine 4 (Changed to Unity Due to Complications), with the hope of releasing on at least PC/Mac/Xbox One/PS4. We’re taking the core Murder Miners gameplay, fleshing it out and focusing on:

-a complete graphical overhaul, including smooth terrain and actual lighting -extreme weapon diversity  -extreme player mobility -adventure/exploration/survival/mining/infection mode: Basically the plan with this mode is that you’ll be exploring an infinite, procedurally generated world (maybe with non-procedural “dungeons” hidden here and there), mining for resources and using those resources to build defenses and gain more weapons/vehicles which allow you to explore more of the world and explore it more efficiently, while combating AI and player-controlled zombies/creatures and other miners.  -matchmaking/ranking for competitive play. We want a big tournament scene for MMX (we even want the functionality to bet on games with real money, like a game called Blood Toll tried to do). 

These are goals, not promises. 

We do want to find another experienced programmer to help with all this. 

Why not just continue updating Murder Miners 1 forever?

We’ve already spent a year updating it after release on Xbox. We’ve been working on this game for about 3 years now. We want to work on something new. Murder Miners X is where our excitement and passion is at. This is the game that’s really going to put us on the map. There’s too many things that need to be completely redone in MM1 in order to get it to a near “perfect” state, which is the goal for MMX.